About me
Hey! This is Paula and I believe: "Instead of proving myself, I aim to IMprove in every project I work on". I believe that learning is a crucial aspect of growing and I want to do that in every project I work on. Inspired by the beauty of nature and the simplicity of life's precious moments, I strive to bring this passion to my illustrations and design projects.

Sustainability is a key element of my work and I consider it throughout the process, whether it is in the design itself, the materials used or the printing methods employed.

I enjoy working with clients to find the best way to develop their new product/project and reach the right audience. How? By designing their visual identity, creating social media content for their brand or illustrating a powerful infographic. 

I am always excited about a new project that comes knocking on my door. Whether it's a client project or a personal one, I enjoy taking it on and 'living' the process of bringing it to life.
I understand the power of design to effectively communicate ideas and am dedicated to using my creative skills to transform abstract concepts into visually appealing and functional designs.
I am innovative and not afraid to take risks, and I prioritise clear communication with my clients to ensure that our goals are aligned and that they are fully satisfied with the end result.

Paula Esteve Design was founded in 2020 and is based in Rotterdam, providing services to both large companies such as Danone and small businesses in the Netherlands and Spain.
If you have an idea, I would love to hear about it and help you on your journey!
Visual Identities for small but powerful brands/congress
Editorial applied to infographics/leaflets/brochures/small books
Illustration for endless purposes. Shoot me!​​​​​​​
What about you?
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